About this service

Supported formats

Currently supported formats for input are:
STL   Stereolithography binary and ASCII
PLYStanford Polygon Library
OBJWavefront Object
OFFObject File Format

Rendering does not finish, what can I do?

If you have complex model and select a shiny material we might not be able to finsih the job due to limited server resources. In this case your options are to select a smaller image width or a less shiny material.

I need larger images and other materials.

We are currently evaluating the requirements for a service which would include image size up to 1600 pixels width, more materials to choose from and the option to create animations. Results would not be available immediately, but send to you by email. If you are interested in such a service send us an email via the Contact page and we will notify if this service is available.


Rendering of the images is done with povray.
Some of the scenes where derived from the work of others:
Timber floor
Sky and Grass
Floor and Concrete
Wood tiles